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tv   In Depth  CSPAN  August 22, 2009 7:00pm-7:35pm EDT

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 >> bob: last night two slug ares with big swings. martin kept them into the 7th but, again. the offense could not quite continue the rhythm. see if they can get back to their winning ways, right now on masn! ♪[music] ♪
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>> bob: we have been having rain here since right after 3:00 this afternoon. the brewers and the nats are scheduled to play the 2nd of a series. the rain may be around for a while. the field is covered. we're in a holding pattern. welcome to the park. it has been a fun day. we had our friends down and a lot of smiling faces these days. let's talk about pitching. garrett mock and martin shoeing up innings. with 40 to go you want to make a good impression. and on thursday. went out and strong if it was not for the third strike and gonzales the hit. he did a great job. a great night for him. jd came out, had a stellar
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performance. and they wering to it well against the team. kept us in the game. it is up to john lannan you want to pitch better here down the stretch. look at that since the mets start. 4-0 record. his last 8 starts not so good 67892 had 4-7b with a lannan not paying he is the guy behind the guys but when you dry to do an impression here of the last 40 games before they go to the meeting you want to finish strong. >> bob: the last win three starts ago against marlins. hitting a big-time homer number 32, adam dunn, five in the league and for ryan zimmerman a new high. it was late, it was in the 9th. 25. the boys will be slugs sometime tonight. @x@0@p@0@6p)@)@)p,
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 i'm looking at the rada there is rain 10 to 15 miles west and if it is out there it is probably going to take an hour and maybe more to move on through. we're in a holding pattern we'll go to espn news and tonight we will have the nats and brewers in game 2 of the four-game weekend series. hopefully some baseball for you ahead. next batter. the fly to left. lind, drops the ball, two runners score. izturis, given a double. angels, bottom of the third, lind, with two on, deep left-center. looking for redemption and finding it. homering off santana, to tie it up at 3. top 6, same score, guerrero, he went 2-5, and look at this,
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solo-homer. 11th of the season. 4-3 angels. rivera, down the right-field line. 6-3 angels. and they go on to win, and they avoided they're first three game skid so soon. only team in the majors that haven't lost four-straight. santana, fourth-straight win, and toronto has dropped 8-10. >> "what 2 watch 4" tonight. rockies host the giants, put an end to colorado's four-game winning-streak. de la rosa, looks to put an end to the giants and he'll face martinez. the giants will try to tie the rockies for the wildcard lead. the marlins are lingering three
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games back, and they play the second of a three-game set in atlanta, which is four games out . >> so, the battle for the n.l. wildcard has landed at coors field, and to chat more about the rockies and giants, we welcome in keith, the m.l.b. insider, got within a game of the rockies, with the win, what can we expect tonight. >> well, you'll see a club, that i think, resembles the ideal rockies' roster. tulowitzki, missed the game and he's back in the lineup tonight. and they'll be much better, having him out there, and, getting him back, and ian stewart back, at third, and they have gonzalez, leading off, sliding fowler to the two-spot. and spilborghs out of the lineup. without gonzalez. so, they're a better club, and defensively, as well.
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because they have two true centerfielders for them. >> how good has de la rosa been? >> excellent. i believe it's 20 strikeouts. and it's interesting for a guy, who always had a great arm, never showed anything close to you, has turned it on here, in what i believe is his fourth major league franchise, rockies, placed cook on the dl today. how will they fill his hole in in the rotation?mon >> they're concerned. it's his shoulder this time. t' had some toe and back but, with the shoulder problemma he may be down for a couple ofh weeks. the immediate option is probably josh fogg and adam eaton, i don't think he would be the solution. and they did send down the prospect, who struggled in his last start. i wonder, will you see him
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recalled, and reinserted into the rotation if they get desperate. >> talk about a prospect on the giants' side. fifth pick, posey, is playing well. any chance we'll see him come up to the majors? >> they could use him. i think he would be an immediate upgrade, over bengie molina, and providing energy. but, the recent talk, is that they are leaning against calling him up and wait until next year. and he might play on the baseball world cup team tournament coming up in september, and that would e lime nate him coming up next month. >> all right. keith, thanks for coming on with us. >> my pleasure. >> they are number 1 in every sense of the world, florida has been anointed the team to beat, by the a.p. poll today, and with no rematch against ole miss or
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no game against the next highest-ranked s.e.c. team, and alabama, figures florida will be tough to beat. here's what the first college football poll looks like. they made history. they have received all but two first-place votes. here's lou holtz with his take on the top-ten. >> when i look at the top-ten, first thing, is three teams, from the big 12, are right, in the top-ten. the big 12 south, texas, oklahoma, and oklahoma state, all from the big 12 south. who is the best team, in the big 12 north? kansas, which comes in at number 25. that doesn't seem fair to me. >> not fair but that's the way
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it is. there's l.s.u. first time since 2003. but, right on the doorstep. boise state. >> coming up, mark martin gets the pole, and can he stay ahead of the pack, as the fireworks begin on the short track. bumpy return for brett favre, his current passing yardage total matches the number on his jersey. and the debut of vick, in a eagles' jersey is on course for next weekend. sal paolantonio brings us the latest on how the birds plan to latest (announcer)birds plan to what does greatness taste like? round of miller lite.
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>> welcome back to "espnews," "what 2 watch 4", drivers collide, and martin, who has more wins than any other driver, is 12th in the standings and marty smith has the pre-race scoop. >> it's the 55th consecutive sellout. most coveted ticket in nascar. they battle over these tickets and divorce settlements, and the down turn in the economy made it difficult this year. martin sits on the pole, marking his 9th career pole.
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starting upfront, is paramount as track position is key. martin is on the chase bubble. he and the other drivers know this is about survival. when it happens here, it happens fast. martin summed it up well, saying of the next three races it's going to be a dogfight. >> with three races left before the chase for the sprint cup begins, gordon, and johnson can lock up berths tonight. >> oh, this is golf. we'll get to brett favre, my bad. golf. golf. golf. they have gotten back on the course. rain delayed action, for a period of time, and chris riley only got through four holes, and now extended his lead two
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shots. 66 from fred couples. 11-under. he's only three shots off the pace. >> nerves have never been an issue before for brett favre, but, under the spotlight, the new starter admitted to some butterflies. the end result, 1-4, four yardss and no >> it is only a preseason game,a and he's only been with that f game for five days. and first impressions are first impressions, and time for that, with chris mortensen, and we'll get into that, his bus-tour debut? ends. and, what's the debut? >> it's not the 1-4, it's the 's the idea, what we just saw transpire. you miss all of training-camp, and no offseason. and a year ago, you had none, and you look at his legs, and i made t made the observation, and moreoo people agreed, you have to have yoe your legs, to have, you know, ts
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last an eson, it all goes to the arm.s he has a partially torney t rotator-cuff. how they get him up to snuff, physically, and mentally, he'lls be fine. getting up fast, and we'll see. this is all supposed to be, cand he play 16, 17, 18, 19 games,1 and right now, most of the the football people would agree,theo they doubt it. and it's a will see. >> there was another major j debut, the opening of the cowboy stadium, and it had this moment, a punt hit the telescreen, and jerry jones says, he will notnoe raise the screen. so if this is an issue, is the i league goings to step in? to >> well, first of all, he says, that he built it to league specifications, and i don't know what that means i know from talking to jeffer ih fisher and others in the league, he played against them, he's ls also the cochairman of thehe
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competition committee, and they'll have aa discussion about uris, in the very near future.ut a lot of problems, who is ro watching the flight of the flght ball? he doesn't want to burn an a challenge to have it reviewed and it couldn't be last night.. and it's a do over, are you going to delay the game? am jerry seems to think you have tt kick it there, but punters haver strong legs, and it is an issuea and they have to clarify it. and i think it will have to be raised some. i don't know if it is after the season or odctober and see if it happens, at a game, thate >> broncos are in action, and, d marshall not there. what are you exspubgting thee yu outcome to be? >> well, marshall wants to betr traded.a like cutler. they're not inclined to do you that.caorc you can't force your way out of town, every player can't.e i, but, if he can get a first and s third-round draft-pick, from the
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jets, i think they wouldi thintw listen. maybe it would set a bad precedent, but they did it all he did was work scout team,i playing number 94, houshmandzadeh, now with the seahawks. >> on the same field, stafford, and quinn, starting for the bro browns. are they iwnn line to win the js at this point? bs >> well, culpepper is having aad really good training-camp forns, the lions, with stafford. t, when but, when it is close, and it's been close with stafford, you go with the rookie. c as long as it doesn't overwhelmm him. so far it hasn't. qun quinn, i think he's always beene the favorite for f that.derson, anderson, has not distinguishede himself and some people thinkthc the deck may be stacked against. anderson.y and i would say yes, the coach says but, i believe quinn will be tha guy. >> speaking of quarterbacks,mi, they might have the most interesting situation there is.
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arterbac two chads and they drafted the catimate wildcat in pat white. d do you have any idea what we cae expect have them? is it tonight, they want to see pennington and henne play aclear cleaner game. but, pat white is interesting,ds he played well last week, andgae they like the way they handledte the "final four" minutes, and e deep they like the way he played the. deep ball. s and they will play it, now, andn they like him. t this i but, this is clearlyposed pennington's team.take ver and henne will take over eventually. >> as the bus-tour comes to an:0 end, south florida, thank you, mort. >> nobody seems to be doubting vick's physical readiness too play.ay. showing up at camp, about 2bout points overweight, which was the reveal head-coach's estimation, reveals that necessary in good shape,ce, and just in case, he's logging extra practice hours.practice
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sal paolantonio tells us, ittonu seems like vick's toughest uphill battle is still off the field. >> after two years of being outo of football, and then the long, difficult process of finding a team, vick is eligible to play, finally, on thursday night. an his teammates get the sense he can't wait. >> i definitely got his sense, t he's been off for two years. he's a passionate player. wh >> when he played the game he was passionate. and you definitely want toay. play. so, i'm looking forward toto seeing him make some plays. >> you know, from being out ofof football, you know that he wantu to play, and we just excitedlay. about that.excited about >> vick has been putting in extra prep time and also takingt the time to attend the team'sud. bible study. this week's theme, learning to surrender your pride and face your fears. >> there's no sign of turning back for him.'s a g he's a great guy. th the guys around, love him in the locker room. he is smiling, and
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and he's being humble and but, his acceptance in the community, has not been that quick. no local animal right's groupha has agreed to partner up with vick in an anti-dogfighting event here in philadelphia. thog some of those groups wilrol meet with management on monday.y. although vick is not slated toit attend.ted >> with the eagles, sal paolantonio, espn.. >> other nfl news and notes, dickerson, and brown, were th fined, during the preseasonuring game.n vicar son was fined, 7500.
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>> let's do tennis, cincinnati, wild "final four." nadal, and then, federer, and murray has won four-straight times against the number 1 in the world. not the first set.
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6-2. and here's murray, and his backhand. darren: you goes right to the net. roge hits his racket. and look what happened. bloodied up all of his knuckles. had to be attended to, by one of the trainers. federer up, 5-4, and murray back okay. forces a tiebreak. matchpoint here, federer, 9-9. so, second serve, and federer, feast's these. he doesn't have to. that's a double-fault to end the match. 6-2, 7-6. >> ladies tennis, semi, serena williams, taking on dimentieva, first set. and, facing breakpoint. she would force a first set tiebreak and up, 6-2. williams said sends it long.
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>> now, up 5-1, on matchpoint. after this rally sends it wide. and straight-sets, first final since february. >> imagine walking out of the brush, the day after your friends held awake for you. they assumed you died in a plane crash. that's what ernie, did in the 1970s, and then he survived getting run over by a bulldozer, and now, even at the age of 77, nothing can kill this man. earlier, he and two friends were surveying a gold claim, when he strayed off to flag a new access road. he got lost. he didn't return. for the next four days, he survived on mountain stream water and no food. when a helicopter spotted him,
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and fall down a crevice didn't cause a flesh-wound. >> top stories next, name of the game. payback, red sox-yankees, and payback, red sox-yankees, and tim kurkjian is next on during the autobahn for all event, you can get great deals. it's perfect. i just want to make sure it's the right decision. - future... us? - we got here as quick as we could. look, it's the cc. you don't pay for scheduled maintenance, you get the car of your dreams. - seriously, us, just drive it. - you're right. let's take this one. it's a time-space continuum thing. the future... announcer: for a limited time, trade in your gas guzzler and lease a 2009 cc for only $239 a month through the government cars program.
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the coors light cold-activated can. enjoy refreshment at its peak.  it is our 30-minute upd we're looking at radar the rain is just on the other side of manassas i think we're looking at an hour before the storm and this rain activity moves through. all the serious stuff is well off to the west into maryland. hopefully in the clear in the next hour. in the meantime back to espn news from nationals park we'll update you every 30 minutes. ♪
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>> ♪ the yankees are pounding the red sox, it's 19-7. >> but, turn about, is fair play. the boston bats came alive, and revenge occurred at fenway. ♪ >> welcome into "espnews," bram weinstein, and tim kurkjian, and michelle lafountain will be along. but, we start with baseball. nothing typical about this season-series between the red sox and the yankees. boston wins the first eight, and new york takes the next five. and a 20-11 game, and today, the boston bats come alive and taket down the yankees.
7:32 pm
here's a.j. burnett, on the phoubtdz. and tazawa. and we thought it was advantage new york. >> i thought it would be roundsd advantage new york. burnett has some trouble here. >> that was cano, now, top of he the second, down, 3-0. tries to stretch it into a double. calling this a game-changing play. 14-1, but, at the time it seemed like it. and, this one turned it all loose. youkilis, crushing this. >> burnett's stuff, is so good but today, so in the middle of the plate. >> good time for the red sox, david ortiz, hit two balls hard. if they can get him going, him a number 6 hitter, that's a good sign. >> burnett asking himself, why did he throw that to him? >> look at the numbers. 14-1.
7:33 pm
youkilis went yard twice. and 8th career multi-homerun. good news for tazawa. off of 20-11. we get, 14-1, the red sox have scored 25 runs, in two nights off the yankees. >> that's how i would look at it, if i were a red sox fan. if you look at their lineup, that's their a, number 1 lineup. when martinez catches and lowell, and youkilis. and it had j.d. drew hitting 8th and lowell hitting 7th. so, they have the hitters and now everybody starting to swing it.ictor m that's been the problem for about a month-and-a-half for the red they haven't gotten enough production. very difficult when you're in the same division with the raysi and yankees, who can hit. but, now, red sox are swinging it better.h,this and even gonzalez hit a homerun. he can hurt you in number 9. but, the question with the red sox, also, beyond their offense,
7:34 pm
do they have enough starting-pitching? penny struggled. and buchholz has been really good. tazawa, very good day. so, if they have enough, i still think they're making the playoffs. i look at those guys, and youkilis, and pedroia, and papelbon, and beckett. and say, they'll figure out a way. >> wakefield is supposed to return next week. we're wondering if there was a mental block, could not beat them, and now, is there a mental block, for boston? after that sweep at yankee stadium, there was a discussion about them free falling. this was a big day for them. >> i think it was. the danger was that the yankees come out and put up three early against tazawa, and everyone goes, oh, my goodness, this is happening again. it turned out the other thing happened, crucial to get burnett early. and tazawa was great. he changed speeds, and he moved


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